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Yaso village

In the Mountain range of Guara
for rest and adventure

      A place of the province of Huesca, pertaining to the municipality of Bierge. Hardly it has 11 inhabitants. Its altitude is of 692 meters on the level of the sea. It's from Huesca 41 kilometers. They are named "yasinos".
      During some time, in Yaso three families only resided, giving the sensation of which the place was erased of the map, since it lacked official census.
      It's located at Bierge northeast, i
ts present municipal head, on the left margin of the Formiga river, next to the highway that communicates Alburuela de Laliena with Aguas, in spurs of the mountain range of Arangol. The place is located to the foot of a peak called Lacozán, in the slope. The urban center begins with a modest and irregular small square, where a pair of houses and the parochial church are raised; this is enough to form the small square so, at least in the imagination of the traveller. Thence it is acceded to the unique street (in slight descendent unevenness), where interesting buildings of century XVIII are raised which are corresponded with last rooted names of the place: the Altahoja, the Sánchez, the Cabrera and the Calbos. They emphasize in the facades, shields, arms stones and great and old gangways.
    But Yaso still does not undergo a total abandonment, without disappearing the risk which it can arrive at an unexpected moment. The town could even put itself for sale, as it happened to the neighbor Bastarás village, that happened to be called Finbás (Finca Bastarás).
     In the months of Summer, there's in Yaso an establishment of Hostelería and Camping that covers some urgent necessity, with homemade kitchen and services to the sportsman, since the zone is appropriate for the reduction of precipices and sports of adventure. The old warehouses of a house and attached dependencies (possibly blocks), were qualified and cleaned up, for an ample and fresh dining room. One also recent and modern rural house, is showy with an ample garden, in the access road.
      The church is romanesque, with ship covered by average tube vault and semicircular apse with another honor vault. It presents two baroques chapels in the laterals, with cupola of bricks, fruit of a reform subsequent to the construction of the temple. The door is opened to the feet, with arc of half point. It rises a tower of two bodies, ashlar masonry, with different section. It conserved an interesting painting transition mural, that was transferred to the diocesan museum of Huesca.

      The's a hermitage dedicated to the Virgin of the Mountain range, that is a gothic work, of rectangular ship with pointed cross-sectional arcs also, that maintain the wood ceiling. The apse is in precarious state.
      Yaso was called "Eso" during centuries XI and XII; "Yeso", between 1495 and 1609, and Jaso, in 1785. It was sobrecured, path and group of judges of Huesca. It formed City council in 1834, and in 1845 it was united to Morrano. Finally, in 1970-1980, both organizations of population happened to integrate themselves in Bierge.
      In century XI belonged to the monastery of San Ponce de Torneras, and in November of 1188 Alfonso II de Aragón gave to the monastery of Casbas the churches of “Eso” and Sieso in exchange for Morata. The 8 of April of 1275 Ines, abbess of Casbas, and Ato de Foces named referees so that they would specify the limits between Morrano, Yaso, Sieso and Castelnóu. Later, the 19 of August of 1275, Jaime II de Aragón exempted to the monastery of Casbas of the tax of paying, as well as to other places, between which it was Yaso. In the successive, then, the dependency of the monastery of Casbas would be total, until the abolition of the domains.

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     At Yaso it is possible to be arrived by two routes, when part of Huesca by Nacional 240 (Huesca-Barbastro). Taking deflection to the left, by Liesa-Ibieca-Agua, or turning us before, nothing else to exceed Estrecho Quinto, by Loporzano-Aguas. In anyone of the cases, once we have carried out those deflections, the highway adopts the own characteristics of spurs of the Mountain range of Guara, offering to us between curve and curve, those magnificent, impressive and beautiful mountain landscapes.


Alfonso ZapaterManuel Tomé  Photographic album of Yaso (Spain) * "Aragón Pueblo a Pueblo", by Alfonso Zapater
** Manuel Tomé Bosqued

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