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Panticosa Health Resort


To the Health Resort it is arrived by the gorge El Escalar, of 10 kms. (kilometres) of winding tour together to the Caldarés river, and under the Argualas Peak (3.041 mts.). To the East the tops of Piniecho and Forajuda. After those 10 kms., we arrive to the Circus of Panticosa to 1.636 mts. of altitude; to this Ibón (mountain lake) of the Baths, arrives water by several waterfalls and of it, parts the Caldarés river. We will see the hotels together to the lake and the dependencies of the therapeutic waters that already used the Romans as the demonstrates the coins finding of the Tiberio era and an Ace of Cesaraugusta era. There are six springs; the most important is that of Tiberio with waters sulfurized to 51 degrees; there are oligo-metallics and radioactive (of San Agustín).

The Holidays, in honor of the Virgin ,are from 14 to the 17 of August. Others holidays are: San Salvador, San Juán and San Pedro. There, the panticuto language is spoken; it is a variety of "aragonesian" language, with voices of Roman origin.

Continuing the course of the Caldarés river, northward, from the Health Resort of Panticosa, we will reach the ibones (mountains lakes) of Bachimaña (2.216) in somewhat more than hour and a half. It is a surprising landscape that, according to Lucas Mallada is composed of peaks, mountains lakes, torrents, combs and springs that make one of the most admirable sites of the Pyrinee. Here it born the Caldarés river, that with the Ravine of the Labaza, it forms the waterfall of the same name to be rushed finally in the Healh Resort of Panticosa by the Jump from the Pine. Furthermore, the ibón is an key issue for other excursion attempts, as to the ibón of Bramaturero, to the peak Aratille, Xuaus, Serrato, Tooth of the Batanes, etc., ..

Until a few years ago, Panticosa has constituted the best peninsular example of climatic station and health resort to the own time. Its current mixed usufruct (as Health Resort station and as curious place of vacation and scholastic colonies) has subtracted good part of the tranquility and of the necessary environment for the therapeutic action.

Geographical Data: Located to 42' 46' of North latitude and to 0º 14' of West length of Greenwich and to an altitude of 1.636 m. surrounded of a beautiful mountains circus that surpass 3.000 meters, constitutes a center of spots of matchless beauty, with splendid wooded, lakes or ibones. Its climate is of the maximum purity (equivalent to the French establishments of Mont Dore and The Bourboule), Baths Mountain Lake view  without fogs, neither winds, with sweet temperature if we consider its altitude. Is far 10 kms. from Panticosa, town to whose municipal term belongs, 55 kms. from Jaca, its judicial party head; 88 kms. from Huesca, its capital of province and 158 kms. from Zaragoza. The railway station more next is Sabiñánigo, to 35 kms, from the one which depart, to the arrival of the trains, buses directly for the health resort.

Sources and character of their waters: Are known six sources: La Laguna (The Lagoon), that of Estómago o de la Belleza (Stomach or of The Beauty), that of El HÍgado (Liver ) or azotized, that of El Herpes (The Herpess) (known already in the century XVIII), that of San Agustín (uncovereded in 1881) and that of Tiberio (uncovereded in 1952).

Biological and clinical effects: It Varyes for each source. Nevertheless some biological effects can be presented with two or more of the six sources. We can summarize them in not less than twelve: 1) Colagogo and coleretic effects (The Lagoon). 2) Laxative action and regulatory of the gastrointestinal tone (The Lagoon, San Agustín). 3) Un-inflammatory action on mucous (sources of the Stomach, of the Liver, of the Herpess and of Tiberio). 4) Antiseptic effect on mucous, by the action of the sulphur ion (sources of the Stomach and Tiberio). 5) Un-inflammatory action on fabrics of messenquima (source Tiberio). 6) Activator action of the cicatrization (source Tiberio). 7) Activation of the metabolism of the hepatic cell (source of the Liver). 8) Diuretic effect (San Agustín). 9) To the elimination of the aciduric (San Agustín spring ). 10) Activator of the peripheral traffic (source of the Herpess). 11) Sedative (source of the Herpess). 12 Action soften you of the skin (source of the Stomach or of the Beauty).

One must to add to these effects are attributed to the excellent climate of Panticosa.

Indications: Of the recently outlined effects are derived the following indications by order of importance with respect to number from sick benefitted: 1) Articular rheumatisms (rheumatic chronicle desease, especially). 2) Diseases of seen respiratory high. 3) Respiratory chronicles deseases. Respiratory allergies. 4) Disorders of the metabolism: aciduric, diabetes, obesity, growth disorders. 5) Diseases of the skin: acne, eczeme, psoriasis. 6) Gastrointestinal processes: chronicle gastritis, constipation. 7) Hepatic and billiar pathology and: hepatic insufficiency. And 8) Renal deseases,.

The advertising of the health resort includes furthermore other processes, our judgement of smaller importance: gynecologic, vascular, arterial hypertension, neuralgias, splits of the skin, hyperqueratosics processes. But, in addition to these indications, we have of considering the purely climatic: convalescences, surmenage, depletion, ...

Other data: From 1983 stays opened all the year, though as it has been said before, united grievously the place with other not sanitary end. There are six hotel establishments: Great Hotel, Noon, Victory, Ambassadors, Continental and Villas, of different categories, with capacity on 600 squares that, through reforms, will happen to 1.000. There is the resort mail services, telegraph, bank and bazaars. The number of users was of 570 in 1982, with clientele originating by this order, of Aragon, Castille, and Catalonia; 4% of the clientele in said year was foreign.

Bibliography: * Manuel Tomé. ** "Aragonesian Health Resorts" of Fernando Solsona

* Manuel Tomé Bosqued.

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