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Riglos village

Mallos Kingdom

      Place of the province of Huesca, located on the left margin of the Gállego river. Its population goes up to around 70 inhabitants. Altitude: 678 meters on the level of the sea, It's 44 kilometers from Huesca. The name given to the people, is "riglero".
      In order to arrive from Huesca, the traveller has to take the deflection that starts of highway N-240, before arriving at Murillo de Gállego; it is not necessary to cross the Gállego river. While we came near the town, first will escort to us olive tree and later pines, sprinkling the bucolic landscape of some houses of recreation, that in good number of cases were raised for solace of mountain sportsmen.
      The unmistakable image of the Mallos, is referring of the town of Riglos. As we are approached by the highway, we felt as the Mallos made us smallers. In the town, the sensation is another already, like of protection, as if those masses provided shelter to the houses of the town and defended them of a invisible enemy. In certain way it is thus, since the urban nucleus is based in the slope or skirt of the knoll from Mallos emerges. Thus, the town is endorsed by the Mallos and most of the streets they are in slope, providing another special attractiveness.
      Before we should arrive at the urban nucleus, and in a viewpoint in the highway, we will have the opportunity to contemplate the monolith raised by "Mountain sportmen" of Aragon to the memory of Rabada and Navarro, outstanding climbings that found the death in the wall of the Eiger, of the Alps, in 1963. Rabada and Navarro went to Riglos to make practices of mountain climbing - because the Mallos was always school of climbers-, and opened the famous one “via Firé” in mallo of that name.
      In the distance, emphasizes the white small village, adapted to an irregular urban layout, imposed by the slope of the mountainside. Of a main seat, in marked pending, start off most of the streets that show houses with diverse aspects, all of them good conserved, contrasting those of new construction, with the classic ones, already rehabilitated and with their quoined doors. Some shield in some facade gives faith of nobility in the place.
      In the low part and somewhat hidden, a small romanesque church of century XII exists, of a ship and semicircular headboard, covered respectively by vaults with tube and "exedra" (semicircular recess). To the entrance "crismón" can be seen; "modillones" (projections) shines, on chequered of Jaca, under roof. It is tradition that this hermitage, dedicated to San Martin, fulfilled in the past like chapel of a monastery put under that same invocation. It presents a good state of conservation.

      The parochial church is dedicated to Our Lady of the Mallo and is located in the highest level. It consists of a ship divided in three sections, added a greater chapel. It has lateral chapels covered by vault of edges, whereas the ship does with vault of lunetos (little windows). It dates from half-full from century XVII, and inside the temple two images of great value are venerated, beautiful romanesque statures of the Virgin of the Mallo and the of Carcavina. The bell-tower rises challenger.
     The Mallos, in the impressive gorge opened by the Gállego river, shows their vertical walls of more than 200 meters. In the summit, the Mallos gets to reach 900 meters on the level of the sea. Most well-known, by its great spread, receive the names of “the Pure”, “the Pisón” and “the Firé”. Down there are several tablets dedicated to which died making practical of scaling.
      The lineage of the Riglos exists, pertaining to noble native family of this locality from which took last name. Its letter of nobiliary was granted by king Juan II of Aragón, in 1458. The heraldic arms of the Riglos consist of two rampant and confronted lions, that maintain with its legs a mallo or rocky crag.

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      The access from vehicles to the town, is limited at some moments of the year, except for the residents, as it is logical. For that reason, when arriving at the town, to the right an ample area has been made parking, where we will leave our car parked. And it is that attractive sport and the tourist of Riglos is very intense and with this option the rolled traffic in the urban nucleus and the consequent cloggings is avoided.
      In any day and time of the year, it is habitual to see climbers practicing their favorite sport, climbing up the walls of the Mallos. Frequently the conversations among them can be perceived, because the walls of rocks “bounce" the sounds. Another sport practice that can be observed, is the paragliding.


Alfonso Zapater. writer consulting  Manuel Tomé Riglos  village Photographic album * Alfonso ZAPATER
* Manuel Tomé Bosqued

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