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The Casino of Huesca

Oscense Circle
the beautiful Casino of Huesca

      The construction of this building, was impelled by the edil Manuel Camo in 1887. The works began in 1901, previous acquisition of lands in the square of Zaragoza, being achieved a beautiful building, valuable copy of the architecture of the time. The project was charged to the catalan architect Ildefonso Bonells Recharx, with the collaboration of D. Ricardo Magdalena, and it constitutes the best example in modernist architecture of this city in which different urban and architectural aspects converge that transforms it into a very outstanding of the Aragonese architecture.
      The building constitutes a singular piece located in downtown: the Navarrese square, in the nº 4. Its situation back located regarding the construction line configures a transition space that occupies a sunny and wide terrace. The volume is symmetrical with relationship to the axis of the main facade and it is configured by the addition of geometric simple bodies throughout its traverse axis. It's made by a central great body, crowned by a fronton that in each one of their lateral has embedded a smaller body and like culmination of the corners, four octogonals turrets . The group presents a character of castle-strength reinforced by the solidity of its construction.
      Outwardly the volumenometer becomes unified for the white color of its facades and for the different composite elements. In the elevations the composition symmetrical forms a lineal lattice that stumps the delimitation among full and holes. The modernist elegant decoration and secessionist combines with historicists ornaments. In the interiors, and responding to a will of integrative design, it is necessary to mention the furniture and the decoration to the pleasure of the time.
      Of the beautiful building highlights the hall access door, carved in walnut wood by Francisco Arnal, the lobby, the perron, the murals paintings and the decoration of the living rooms, without obviating the furniture, the set of dishes and the rest of the ornamental elements. It began to provisionally work as Casino in 1904 and was inaugurated officially at10 of August of that same year.

     Of the interior highlight the magnificent perron and living rooms with good decoration and mural painting of Félix Lafuente. The activities were inaugurated in 1904 and from then this casino was the center of the social life of the bourgeoisie of Huesca, settling down a library and being organized exhibitions, concerts and other cultural acts.
      During the first quarter of the XX century the Casino enjoyed the biggest period of splendor, with an economy maintained by the partners and the benefits of the game, where dances, concerts and events of great repercussion in the social life were celebrated. The prohibition of the game and of the political parties, with Primo de Rivera, supposed a hard setback for the center and an accused decrease of their revenues. During the civil war, the building transformed into military hospital and in 1951, already without means of subsistence, the president of the Circle gave it to the City council of Huesca. After years of buried existence, in 1982 was constituted the Circcle Oscense Municipal Foundation, governed by an advice rector that has given to the center a popular use.

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      The Casino of Huesca, either for their magnificent figure or their strategic situation, constitutes an indispensable element in punctual many social events. Such it is the occasion in the Magicians Kings festivity and final of parties of San Lorenzo, among other important events.


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