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Carlos Vidal Bergés

A "jot" singer and dancer
from Huesca (Upper Aragon)

      Carlos Vidal Bergés was born in Huesca August 12 1932 and died October 12 2005 at his native city. Unquestionable teacher of the Aragonese folclore and creator of dozens of scenic tables, serenaders and associations, Carlos Vidal was above all - according to the experts - one of the "joters" that interpreted the purest "jot" in Upper Aragon.
      Founder and director of the Huesca group Estirpe de Aragonia, Mr. Vidal exercised of song professor, dance and choreography. The destination wanted that he was dying precisely the Pilar's day, the day of "jot" for antonomasia. He left widow and four children, some of which followed "joter" trajectory.
      Carlos Vidal dedicated all his life to defending, teaching and diffuseing the "jot" for Spain and for the world. He knew how to transmit to students' thousands his passion for the Aragonese folclore, to which surrendered in body and soul. He began playing the guitar, he was a component of the Trio Clavijas that made festivals in Huesca's theaters; then he became fond to the dance and he ended up obtaining some prize like singer. He ascended for the first time to a stage when eight years old in the school of Salesianos of Huesca in whose performances combined the theater with the operetta. Likewise, he participated in the band of drums and bugles of this school and he studied sol-fa and guitar in the School of Youths. In 1942 he entered in the School of Educación y Descanso to learn with the teacher Mr. Frago.
      Was Mrs. Ascension García, a champion of "jot" of Zaragoza who invited him to learn how to dance. With the Group Eduación y Descanso, moreover playing in the serenader, he carried out numerous performances and he had as dance couples to Mrs. Sarita and Mrs. María Villacampa, Mrs. Angeles Montori, Mrs. Luisa Ferrer, Mrs. Monserrat Álvarez and Mrs. Merche Gonzalvo. He got first prizes in some competitions like the Extraordinary of Pilar Holydays.
      In his style as dancer were emphasizing the perfection in the plucking, the slenderness in his figure, the useing of the legs and the arms. All rhythmic movements with the castanets and his wide smile He passed for the St Lawrence Group and, after its disappearance, he joined like teacher in the Santa Cecilia Folk Group.

     They were the years 50 XX Centur, and Carlos Vidal was full with illusion and restlessness, for what began to travel for the county to give classes. In 1966 he created the Municipal School of "Jot" in Huesca, in which imparted dance classes during three decades.
      They have been thousands the pupils that have learned how to sing or to dance the "jot" in his classes, work that continue in his school big voices and grateful musicians and interpreters. Another of Vidal's facets was his concern for the evolution of the folclore. From classic musicians, based on the popular "jot", he mounted choreographies for his shows.
      To change the traditional steps and to adorn them to obtain the spectacular nature in the stage, was a constant fight during all his life. Also author, reporter and adapter of the "jots" of Huesca, Tardienta, Almudévar and Oroel; and of the bolero of Huesca, as well as the creator of two styles different from "jot": "I have a very big pain" and "I Come to sing you a 'jot'".

     The Aragonese and Huesca institutions recognized his dedication to the folklore with diverse distinctions. He obtained several first international awards, between them that of the "Europeada" of Dortmund (Germany) and many other national and regional awards, like the extraordinary of the competition of "jot" of Fuendetodos and the official of the holidays of the "Pillar" of Saragossa in 1982.


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