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José Salamero Martínez

Ecclesiastical, writer and
academician born in Graus

      He was born in Graus in 1835 and died in Madrid in 1895. It was ecclesiastic, a writer and academician; he did studies in the Pontifical University of Rome and the Holy See, distinguished him with a Domestic Prelature.
      Apparently he resigned an episcopate for his defective way of walking, that he believed not adapted to the charge. He devoted himself actively to the ministry and he was an adviser of the Catholic Youth of Madrid, an examiner sinodal of the archbishoprics of Seville and Toledo and the director of some private center of education.
      He also was a protector and patron of his nephew Joaquín Costa in his intellectual beginning (1868), since he offered him a teacher's position in the American Hispanic School of Santa Elizabeth and provided economic aid; the same way he entrusted to Costa the famous case of "La Solana" (Remón-Bustillo legacy), which should cost so many headaches to the Aragonese legal expert.
      He was an academician of that of Moral and Political Sciences, adviser of Public Instruction and founded in Madrid the newspaper `The catholic spirit' and the magazine `The Catholic Reading' (he was its director), being a collaborator of the newspapers of Madrid: `The Regeneration', `The Allegiance' and `The Spanish Thought'.
     He proved to be likewise an ardent defender of the traditionalist ideology and a fruit of his social worry, was the creation of the School of Arts and Crafts in Graus.
     He founded diverse working associations and he was met like `the poor's Father'. His works are: `La punished apostasy', `Exégesis de los libros Santos' (unfinished work), `Eberhardo o el pensador de la germania'' and `The religious crisis, has in the Catholicism its most effective remedy'; all of them inside the line of his catholic thought.

     Monsignor Salamero suffered a feeble constitution, very probably inherited, which forced him to develop a hidden activity for many years of his existence. For it, the Cardinal Ceferino González, his big friend, offered to him opportune accommodation during long periods.
     Some columnists were saying of him: "without moving of house he might have created a brilliant political position, extracting party of his public and private liberalities, without number and without valuation; but the nobility of his character and his indifference, which did him live only for the others, prevented him from entering similar way".

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      The Graus town produced an impressive homage on March 19, 1891, dying in Madrid on December 30 four years later.


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