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Sarvisé village

Tourist enclave,
sports and landscape

      Place of the province of Huesca, belonging to the municipality of Broto, with about 100 inhabitants. Its altitude is 863 meters on the sea level. It is distant from Huesca 98 kilometers. Name: sarvisano. The nickname those of Sarvisé is "Galicians", but they do not take offense.
      Sarvisé is distant little more than one kilometer of Broto, its municipal capital status. It is located on the left margin of the river, on the foot of the highway of the vale. Its houses smell to almost new, since many of them are of new construction. The reason of which this way is necessary to look for it in the civil war of 1936, which left the village in the ruinous state and there was need to rebuild it. Up to the Romanesque church suffered the consequences, since only its belfry tower stayed intact.
     Around the town is extended an extensive plain that guarantees a good agriculture . In top also the mounts are green, covered with a dense forest mass.
      Sarvisé had proper Town Hall until 1930-1940, in which it joined Broto, together with Asín and Buesa. In advance it was path of Jaca. Its first mention dates of 1050, according to Durán. In the documents of the past there turns out to be, often, written Sarbisé. Fifteen fires already had the place at the end of the XVth century for then bear a sensitive population descent. In the middle of the XIXth century, Madoz recorded 10 houses, 13 neighbors and 90 persons, therefore it came the XXth afterhad already overcome 100 inhabitants . At present it supports some others.
     The town parties take place September 8, in honor of the Virgin's Nativity. The parochial church is dedicated, in fact, to the Virgin of September, and is of romaneque origin of the XII century although only preserve the tower, with their washed adornments that seem as new as the houses.

     Inside the municipal term two hermitages there are: the one dedicated to the Virgin of Bun, shared by Buesa, and that of San Cristóbal. They count that in the past the women of Buesa went barefoot to the hermitage of Bun, already outside in execution of a promise or to request the Virgin's favors.
     Although the place was of royal magnificent; there the Sanase marquis's house was that shone a beautiful defensive turret, with loopholes; now, only is a baseboard of about four meters high.
      The place is very pleasant, with a strong tourist and sport air characteristic of its privileged geographical situation. The kindness of the sarvisanos contributes to that the vacations of Summer and the activities of Winter, without leaving aside the weekends in any time, be relaxing and unforgettable..

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      From the highway the innkeepers resources are already guessed that are offered here and there, inside some good qualities and a professional service worthy of being recommended.


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