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Emphasized from Huesca,
politician and lawyer

      He was born in Huesca, on June 29, 1875 and deceased in Madrid, on November 29, 1943. He was a lawyer of success and out-standing fame. He developed along his life activities of very diverse nature, and in politics he reached important victories, against which there stands out the fact of having been nominated minister of Grace and Justice (between March 13 and July 7, 1921) in the government of Allendesalazar that formed in the year 1921 immediately after the death of Eduardo Dato, and later the minister of the Government (between March 8 and December 7, 1922) in the office presided by Sánchez Guerra. Minister of Grace and Justice and Government during the reign of Alfonso XIII.
     Between the activities that he developed, deserve to stand out the cultural ones:
     national teacher graduated in Philosophy and Letters, archivist and librarian, graduate and doctor of Law..
      Professionals: First deputy of the Directorate of the Illustrious Layers College of Madrid, honorary dean of the Illustrious Layers College of Saragossa, Huesca and Teruel, dean of the legislative body of the Provincial Charity of Madrid.
      Academicians: president of the National Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation, member of the General Commission of Codification for real appointment; member of the General Commission of Codification, for election of the Illustrious Layers College of Madrid, Saragossa, Huesca and Teruel.

     and politics: deputy to Spanish Parliament in diverse terms, for the districts Jaca, Fraga, Benabarre, Tamarite and Boltaña, Firts vice-president of the Congress of the Deputies; senator of the Kingdom, general manager of Local Administration, general manager of Public Works, president in representation of Spain in the International Conference of Transport and Transit in Barcelona, and adviser of the State, in addition to the said ones.

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      Member of the Conservative Party he will obtain certificate of election for Huesca in the elections of 1903, 1907, 1914, 1916, 1920 and 1923. Likewise between 1918 and 1920 he will redeem the senator's charge, also for the province of Huesca.


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