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Pineta Valley


It is a widest circus, by those which climb flagrantly the pines and firs and for which descend more than ten waterfalls in gigantic jets. It hides in its bosom, the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de Pineta (Our Mrs. of Pineta), protected by the huge Monte Perdido crests, Soum of Ramond, Cilindro (Cylinder) , Marboré, Astazu, Tuca Roya and La Estiva.

The image of the Virgin of Pineta was found at that same site, about a water spring that flows of a rock:: the Fuente Santa (Holy Fountain). The tradition, says that some Frenchs robbed the Virgin of Pineta for carrying to their country, and when arrived to that place, one of them touched the rock with his cane and flowed water to calm the thirst of all, inducing them to a deep stupor. When they awoke, the image had disappeared making the miracle of returning to its preferred place.

It is entered in the valley by Javierre town (tiny people hung in the hillside); and then, Espierba town, with its houses scattered by the mountain and 6 Km. of good road until the Hermitage. The ride is worth the trouble. We will see an after other, until twelve waterfalls, to which more beautiful. The first: Las tres Marías (the Three Marías), cause a surprise that it is surpassed by the following. And thus all, until arriving to the astonishing circus. On the summits is lifted the massive of the Tres Sorores (Three Sorores), limited by a monumental waterfall that falls from 2.000 m. and that they are the waters of the Marboré, that feed the Cinca river. Special mention has the Waterfall of Lalarri, in a corner of the circus.

The hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Pineta, it is something uncouth and infantile. The Virgin is on a small surrounded altar, of an authentic herd of mud ewes, with their dogs and all. It is enthroned in the pine in the one which was appeared miraculously. Their gozos (couplets) are popular lyric expression of the miracles worked by the Virgin, when according to the tradition, the cattle of this Divine Shepherdess was lost between the crags. They are reported quantity of beautiful histories (always in the same heap) that it goes from the protection of a pursued innocent, until that of the thieves of here image (made already mentioned). Near Sanctuary, to 1.400 m. of height, it is the National Inn of Monte Perdido with capacity for more than 30 rooms. From here, it can be accomplished the ascension to Monte Perdido (Lost Mountain), to 3.350 m. of altitude, by its North slope. From it and to three path hours, is arrived to the foot of the glacier, and in front to the lake of Marboré (nearly all the year it stays frozen), to the foot of the gap of Tucarroya. If we cross the glacier, by the West, we will reach the Collado del Cilindro (Hill of the Cylinder), by where is decreased to the lake of Marboré for then to ascend to the summit. From the foot of the glacier, it is for EXPERT MOUNTAINEERS.

The circus, is formed for the Walls of the Marboré, of more than 1.000 m. of height, by those which are rushed the waters of the glaciers of the Three Sorores, of Marboré and Lalarri, that gathered, form the head-board of the Cinca river. Above, it is the Icy Lake of Marboré, in a cornice to more than 2.600 m. All form the call Balcón de Pineta (Balcony of Pineta). 700 m. more up yet, they surround this terrace the shortened summits of Monte Perdido, Marboré, Tucarroya and Pineta, and to the East, the Puerto Nuevo (Port New ) or of La Glera. Lucas Mallada Says, that the Three Sorores and Sesa (The Three Marías) have you scarp and courts more pronounced, being emphasized by before with superb majesty the parapets and cornices, like if they would be intended for showining a fund of 2.000 m. over there down. Also, of the hermitage and Inn, part a track that, after crossing the Cinca river, surrounds the circus while is increased to be introduced in the plains of Lalarri, that are found mean height, in a reduced perpendicular valley circus of Pineta. This last, it is traveled by the river of Lalarri, that has its birth in the lakes of La Munia. It is a spot with excellent views of the circus and valley of Pineta, ideal site to make ascension to the Peak of La Munia (3.134m.), being arrived to the cited lakes, by the course of the river.

* Manuel Tomé Bosqued.

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