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Fidel Seral

"Jots" singer
and great reporter of tunes.

      Fidel Seral Alfranca was born in Huesca in the year 1892. He worked with his father who was a hogs dealer, and for this circumstance he was covering numerous localities in which he usually interpreted jots of style and tunes to the girls. His first public premiere was in the "rondalla" of Binéfar.
      Worried by the purity of the jot, he created at the beginning of the 20s the school of jot which he named, in that there formed the principal figures of Huesca and his province. His first pupil was Manuel Navarro Rubio. After the parentheses imposed by the Civil War, he resumed his teaching in 1947. With his jot scene he harvested notable successes in Spain and abroad; together with his disciples Camila Gracia y Gregoria Ciprés, formed the «Trio Huesca», that delighted the public of the time for the memorable duets of the two singers and the teacher's masterful interpretations that accompanied to the guitar also. The second discovery of Seral was Mariano Ramón Pisone.
      Fidel Seral composed tunes and ballads, - he developed his own style - in those that he took place to his homeland and in those that he made show of a great sense of humor. He carried out an important work like reporter of tunes that conserved their original purity, in search of which he must travel the towns of Aragon. It was the founder of a great joteros (jots singers) dynasty, in which his son Mario Seral stands out who interpreted as anybody the styles created by his father. The city of Huesca honored his memory dedicating him/ a street and Rafael Ayerbe Santolaria dedicated to his family the monograph "Seral, Three generations of the jot."

     Camila Gracia was one of his his most brilliant pupils, who gained the Contest of Jot on October 15, 1930. Precisely, immediately after this, Fidel signed a contract to act in the Principal theater Palace of Barcelona Was then when he created the already mentioned "Trio Huesca" together with Camila Gracia and Gregoria Ciprés, harvesting victories in all the geography of Spain Portugal and France.
      In the movie "Miguelón" whose principal interpreter was Miguel Fleta, was called Fidel Seral to entrust him the jot matters in that work, and even went so far as to intervene in the movie.

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     His second homeland was Tardienta it is there where he married Lorenza Gavín and where big part of his life happened. He died in this place on November 13, 1954.


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