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Mrs. Petronila of Aragon

Princess and Queen
of the Kingdom of Aragon

     Petronila from Aragon (Huesca, June 29 1136 - Barcelona, October 15 1173). Queen from Aragon between 1157 and 1164 and countess from Barcelona between 1162 and 1164 Daughter of Ramiro II the Monk and Inés of Poitiers.
      She was conceived to give continuity to the dynasty of Aragon. After dying the king Alfonso I the Fighter without descendant, a series of events took to proclaim king to religious Ramiro, brother smaller than Alfonso I. Ramiro II, nicknamed "the Monk", married Inés of Poitiers, and of that marriage was born -June 29 1136- the princess Petronila. One year later are signed in Barbastro the matrimonial capitulations (regulating the 'regal potestas') with the count from Barcelona Ramón Berenguer IV. The conditions are put by Ramiro II, being accepted by Ramón Berenguer IV. By this way were settled the succession problems in the Kingdom of Aragon. Ramiro II retired to San Pedro 'El Viejo' of Huesca conserving for him the king's title, and Inés of Poitiers returned to France. Petronila was educated in the count court of Barcelona. .
      During this period it was pressed from the Crown of Castile to try to marry her Alfonso VII of Castile or with his son Sancho 'El Deseado', in order to unite the crowns of Castile and Aragon, imposing Petronila the name of Urraca. Finally this linkage was not carried out.
     The wedding of Mrs Petronila with Ramón Berenguer IV was celebrated thirteen years later in Lerida, in August, 1150, after the queen reached the age needed by the Canon law to be able to complete the marriage: fourteen years.
     In March, 1157 was born in Huescat he first-born of the couple, called indiscriminately Alfonso or Ramón, who will reign with the name of Alfonso II in honor to Alfonso I. After the death of Ramón Berenguer IV in 1162, Petronila abdicated in Alfonso II the Kingdom of Aragon and the County of Barcelona in document dated on July 18, 1164.

     After resigning from her crown and from the second nuptials, she lived private and holy the rest of her years. She was buried in the Cathedral of Barcelona.
      She died in Barcelona on October 15, 1173.
      By the marriage with Ramón Berenguer IV she had to:
      - The infant Pedro of Aragon (1152 - before 1158), to which is mentioned as nasciturus (son who will be born) in a testament given by Petronila from Aragon April 4 1152, being in the works of the childbirth next to Barcelona ("in partu laborans, apud Barchinonam"). He died before 1158, maybe soon after of the childbirth.
      - The infant Alfonso II of Aragon (1157–1196), king of Aragon and count of Barcelona.
     - The infant Pedro de Aragon (1158–1181) who in 1173 will be named count of Provenza by his brother Alfonso II, as Ramón Berenguer IV of Provenza.

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     - The infant Dulce of Aragon (1160–1198), married in 1175 the king Sancho I of Portugal.
      - The infant Sancho of Aragon and Barcelona (1161–1223), count of Cerdaña, of Provenza and of Rosellón.

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