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Juan I of Aragon

King of Aragon, Majorca, Valencia and Sardinia and Corsica
Count from Barcelona, "Rosellón" and "Cerdaña"

     Juan I of Aragon was called the Hunter or the Lover of the gentleness. He was born in Perpiñán on December 27, 1350 and died on May 19, 1396 -being 45 years old- in Foixà. He was a king of Aragon between the years 1387-1396 (his coronation was carried out in January, 1387). He was son and successor of Pedro IV and Leonor of Sicily.
    Juan I had certain differences with his father-in-law, the count of Armagnac (his first spouse was Marta de Armañac).
The count's troops, under Bernardo's orders, brother of the count of Armagnac, invaded the Ampurdán and arrived until Gerona (1389-1390); they were rejected by the troops that directed the infant Martin, brother and future successor of the king. He also had to suffocate a rebellion in Sardinia.
     His reign is characterized by the administrative and financial disorder. He instituted the Floral Games of Barcelona, to imitation of those of Tolosa, in 1393.
      He died of sudden form while was in a hunt (1396). On not having had masculine descent, he was succeeded by his brother Martín. Martín I the Human pushed back the invasion of the troops of count Mateo I of Foix, married Juana, Juan's daughter, who was trying to succeed to him. Violante, another Juan's daughter who also chose to the succession, was the wife of Luis II of Anjou
     He married in the first nuptials Marta de Armagnac (1347-1378), daughter of count Juan I of Armagnac. Descent:
     Juana, who married Mateo, count of Foix, after the death of his father, claimed the throne along with his husband, being defeated. He died without descent.

    After being widowed, he married Violante de Bar (1365-1431), daughter of Roberto I, duke of Bar. Descent:
     Yolanda, who married Luis II of Anjou, titular king of Naples. The son of both, Luis III, claimed the throne after the death of Martín I the human, in the Caspe commitment.
     - Jaime (who died being young)
     - Antonia (who died being young) ).
     From all his descendants -six sons and six daughters- only two reached the adulthood.
      His titles were very abundant: King from Aragon, Majorca, Valencia and Sardinia and Corsica. Count of Barcelona, Rosellón and Cerdaña. Duke from Athens and Neopatria -1387 at May 2 1388 (Athens) and 1390 (Neopatria). Also Duke of Gerona and Count of Cervera 1351 and 1353 - 1387, 1388 - 1389, 1389 - 1394, 1394 - 1396.      

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      After his death, was proceeded the burial of his mortal remains in the Real Sepulchers of the monastery of Poblet.
      His successor will be Martín I..

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