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Tramaced village

Particular geography
prominently in the plain

    Location of the province of Huesca, located next to the "La Violada".canal It has a population of 100 inhabitants according to the 2008 census (INE 2009), of which 39 are women and 61 men. The population census for 2012 modestly decreases to 94 inhabitants. Its altitude is 418 meters above sea level. It's 28 kilometers far from Huesca. Gentile: tramacetino.
    First it was Tramacet, and only from the seventeenth century it changed the spelling of its name to be called Tramaced. The place name is written like Tramacet dates April 5, 1297, when Peter I of Aragon ordered to the sexton of the Huesca Cathedral put an Canon here. Subsequently, in 1105, was "realengo" as presented as tenente Blasco Fortuñones. Later, on February 6, 1233, James I of Aragon gave Artal of Foces the villages of Alquézar, Tramaced and Bespén.
     Little it is yet known of Tramaced castle, although it figures referenced in a document dated June 30, 1258, by James I of Aragon gave it to Jimeno of Foces the Tramaced castle in exchange for Miranda. The July 13, 1309 so Jimeno Foces sold the villa -so is named the place- to Mrs. Urraca Embún Jimenez. In the sixteenth century it was of the Duke of Villahermosa, and in 1610, of the Count de Luna, according Labaña
     Its current population is almost exactly the same that Madoz already<recorded in 1845, in his famous "Gazetteer": 41 houses, 26 neighbors and 161 inhabitans.

     Tramaced is situated along the canal of "La Violada", on its left bank, from 28 kilometers to Huesca, between Sesa and Grañén towns. In the past it was sobrecullida, village and township of Huesca successively until 1834, that was City Council, although it joined Uson eleven years later. In 1950-1960 it decided to leave, however, to live its independent municipal experience.
      Tramaced sits at the foot of the mountain its name, low-lying, and popular architecture responds to the specific characteristics of the region. The parish church is dedicated to St. Michael and it's Renaissance style. It also has a chapel dedicated to the Virgen del Puyal.

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      While he visits, the traveller shall enjoy, of the silence and peace in its clean streets, so as an excellents views of the plain around the village.

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