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The "Onsera" valley (trip)

A representative place
of peregrination and devotion

    Its name means"Valley of the Bears" , because apparently, in other times, the place was abundant in this class of animals. It is a beautiful place of the of Guara Mountain Range in which is found a dedicated hermitage to San Martín. For the oscenses (people born in Huesca) it represents a place of accused devotion, very frequented for the fans to the mountaineering and path walking. The trip is as following:
    From the city of Huesca, we will start our space traveled for the highway that conducts to Barbastro town. Shortly after beginning your space traveled, when it's passed the section known as "Estrecho Quinto", we will deviate us to the left hand in direction to Loporzano, that we will leave to our right one. We will continue highway ahead about three kilometers, until taking a deviation to the left (before reaching to Sasa del Abadiado village) that takes to Barluenga village. We will follow ahead by leaving the deviation to Chibluco village to reach to the first district of San Julián de Banzo village. We will cross a bridge near the source of Los Manantiales and consecutively will see to the right hand the beginning of a track, once passing a gorge where the highway does a marked curve to the left and a cartel that indicates "San Martín de la Val de Onsera". We'ill take a track to the right, and to a few meters, other cartel indicates turn around to the right again. By following a track in which must take care of the bottom of the car, in little minutes it's reached a good signposted parking. Still there is other parking in the next deviation.
     We will begin to walk, by verifying as rapidly is reached the dry river bed of the gorge (gully) or Barranco de San Martín, by alternating both banks until the confluence of two defiles, seeing at once appear the astonishing walls of rock, where is frequent to see nests of vultures; we will go up for the defile of the right between shrubs, thickets and low forest of oaks, ascending always, between the thick vegetation until descrying to the source of Puerta del Cierzo (the door of the cold north wind). To the right it is Sierra de Facha (Facha Mountain Range).
     We will pass an oak grove and there will find a commemorative plate of the decease of who was a Barluenga resident. Near already, are the Sirgas de la Viñeta (towropes of the vignette) that it is a passage of towropes and stairs in the rock, that for a pendent we are carryed to Collado San Salvador, a surprising looking balcony.

     This path of the towrope begins going up towards the left, and after a few steps, the slope is more pronounced towards the right, where an ancient balustrade of iron protects us of falls. Above, a path to the right can pass us unnoticed, so we must be attentive.
      So, we will have reached to the San Salvador small hill, where the views towards the gorge of San Martín result impressive, with enormous large thick walls that hide the old hermitage. An indicating small board offers us different pathes of access: for the hillock small hill, and it points out "Campos de Ciano", "San Julián por Senda Los Burros" and "Fuente Cierzo". Going down for a path, going down to the right for the track of "San Martín de la Val de Onsera", we turn to the gorge of San Martín and shortly we will be in that beautiful corner, in which the hermitage is found with that cascade of water falling for the rock, inviting us to a shower. It will have inverted approximately, about two hours.
      The hermitage remained a time in states dilapidated, but always was very interesting by being stuck to the vertical wall that protects it. They secure that it dates from XI century, (1075) and has a railing that impedes the step to the area, but the guard always facilitated the key in the little town of San Julián de Banzo.

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      The expert mountaineer can return for the same path until the river bed of the gorge and descend for the narrow canyon whose difference in height is of 250 m. in a space traveled of 800 ms. It is neccesary a rope about 30 m. to do descent of some handicap.

 Manuel Tomé  Davíd Gómez Samitier *  David Gómez Samitier
** Manuel Tomé Bosqued

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