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Nunilo and Alodia

Popular martyrs
in Huesca and province

    The tradition do them martyrs in Huesca in the 846 or the 851 year. They were born in Adahuesca and were victims of several persecutions also.
     For a side we find to the founder of Barbastro (the Qadi Jalai Ibn Rasid, constructioner of the strength of Alquézar too), who after making the captures would leave them in freedom afterwards. and of other departs, the cruel Zumel ( of Huesca ) who arranged kills the in the top of a hill that today is named of the martyrs. These young sisters, lived in Barbués as daughters of a mixed marriage (huge Moslem father and Christian mother).
     Muslim law said that those children should follow the religion of the father, and when he married his mother remarried with a Moor, had not yet abdicated their Christian faith, which were delivered to the Kadi, who in turn put them in hands of a sluts, who failed in their attempt to pervert.
    They were imprisoned, and in prison were seen their bodies with alive brilliances -during their martyrdom were careful to cover their bodies-; they were executed and their remains were thrown into a dunghill, but vermin even not approached

     Seen which, would drag the bodies through the streets of Huesca and would be exposed on the hill of Forks, where vultures nor touched, but were their caregivers.
     Even Buried, they were illuminated by the light, so they threw them into a well that is located at San Salvador street of Huesca and then capped. From there they took the later uncorrupted.

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     The relics were the Monastery of Leyre and from there moved to Sangüesa in 1836 year.

 Manuel Tomé
**Manuel Tomé Bosqued

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