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"Aragonesian" Flag

     The colors of the emblem of Aragon (or better yet, of The Crown of Aragon) that in certain manner would originate those of the Spanish flag (red and yellow), they are intimately related to the anecdote attributed to Wifredo "el Velloso" (the Hairy) (count of Barcelona). Is counted in it that Carlos "el Calvo" (the Bald) (distinguished Catalan) , impregnated his fingers of the blood of the injuries, he was tracing with them and on the gold fund of his shield, the four red sticks. The veracity of this history is doubtful, since both personages, they were not contemporary and furthermore, in the century IX were not existing the heraldries. Nevertheless, these colors  More literary articles of  'upper-aragonesian' thematic they are symbol of lands of Aragon, shared with the others been of the Wreath. In heraldic terms, were born thus the four canes of gules on gold field in vertical in the shield and horizontal in the flag. In this "legend" exist wrong concepts in how much are referred to the "catalano-aragonesa" wreath when yet had not you laughed neither counts in Catalonia (count, only in Barcelona) and the alone Catalans were speaking of the Kingdom of Aragon and Wreath of Aragon. There was not own flag of Aragon during the Middle Ages, though you laugh them had as distinctive the sticks mentioned to those which were calling "our real weapons". Some time after was cited the Cross of San Jorge (gules on silver field) while the bars, were not used until Alfonso II th made it in his documents. The colors of the flag of Aragon, they were taken for that of Spain, in times of Carlos II th. It fits to indicate that The Count of randa (illustrious "oscense" -from Huesca-), also let to feel his influence for the transfer of these colors to the national flag

* Manuel Tomé Bosqued.

History. Beginnig the Aragon Kingdom


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