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Juegos aragoneses

          They are numerous the games that they have been practiced and are practiced in the Upper Aragon. Here, a short relationship of they.
      The `JADA' is an own game of the Somontano(Down Mountains) , that is accomplished in the same field, pulling this equipment between the own legs of the participating.
      That of `PICA', that is practiced pulling each one from an extreme from a stick, between an equidistant stripe. He loses who treads it or assigns it.
      The `PULSO', with the elbow supported in the support of the chair, without lifting it.
      The BALL game, that were practiced already in the XVII century. Almost always it were made in the wall of the church, being forbidden the game during the divine trades. They was bet generally the snack, drawing the service of the ball. In Castejón de Sos they say: `First the face, the anus waits'. It were played hand to hand, or for couples. The balls were made themselves.
      The SKITTLES, had different characteristics according to the regions. Customarily they are 9 `birlas' (Sariñena and Campo), `quilles' (Benasque), `palistroques' (in Binéfar and La Litera) that are put on three strings, to demolish them with balls. They are famous those of Benasque and those of Campo (these last, they are exclusive of women); the balls weigh of 4 to 6 Kgs.
      The YEW or tanga, with coins put on a boat, internode or matchbox, that are attempted to demolish; earn the most next.
      The DICES, they were prisoners in the Jaca Jurisdiction ( were cutting the hand to them). The SHEETS, in those which was pulled 2 coins with obverses together: it is earned if fallen of face.
      The popular 'GUIÑOTE', (called thus, by its winks that make during the game) emphasizes from among all the card games; has many derivatives, ......... The BAR SHOT, it is very own of the North ( from Basque Country to Pallars). It seems an inheritance of the classic javelin launching. Shotting an 'aragonesian' bar  .. There is a special regulation when is used bar (more than 5.5 kgrs. of weight), barrón, or propaleta. Originally it was a piece of the plough. It should be of throwing, so that the lead top give in soil (that it does not fall flat, since of be thus would make `esclato' and the play would be void). A mainete makes of judge, authorizing the play and giving to it validity saying: `Shot and the issue worths' if the shot has been good. The failures are: `coda' if hits with the blunt extreme; `esclato', if falls flat or wheel by the stone soil (strident noise); `barrazo', `tripazo and 'tripada' if it falls in soft soil; `desembarrau' or `esbarrau' if it is left of the field. The number of launchings of each contender could determine or by shifts or by free issues, beginning the one which earned in three shoots. It could be played by couples being the weight of the different bar, according to the localities, but oscillating about 6 Kgs. The ties was decided by a new shot. The game was of `pique', or challenge, to the voice of `Spur to the bar !'. They were famous at the beginning of century: Manuel Macipe `The pricker' and Benigno Abbey `The Carrier'. With the 'barrón' -a great bar- (decade of 20), Feliciano Cortés, Ignacio Tortajada and Mariano Campos (the three are of the Longares town-Zaragoza -).

* Recopilado por M. Tomé

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