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Plan (Gistaín Valley)

     Plan is a village and town hall of the Valleies of the Sobrarbe, with about 173 inhabitants to 1.119 m. of height, 145 Km. to Huesca and 168,4 Km2. of extension. It administers the entities of Senés, Serveto and Saravillo. The access is by the local highway that connects with the route Ainsa-Bielsa. It is cited in 1295 meeting 12 fires at 1488 (a fire=4 persons). The urban hamlet is located in a side of the mountain, to borders of the Cinqueta river . The stone constituted always the only one element of housings construction and pavement of streets. The architecture tends to the horizontal extension of balanced proportions and with an irregular tracing in its strait streets that master the Greater square and the highway of San Juán. To emphasize Casa Turmo that exhibits window decorated with human figures, vegetable and crossings; Casa Ballarín, has a beautiful frontispiece of the popular renaissance; also, it is conserved a defensive tower of the XVI century. The parochial church is devoted to San Esteban and it has romanesque remains, though it is product of successive eras that be at the point the XIX century.
     Serveto is a place of some 18 inhabitants to 1.036 m. of height that belongs to the Plan Municipality. It has communication through the route of the Valley of Gistaín.A view of Plan .... It is mentioned in 1295 and feeds 14 households in 1488. The hamlet is grouped to the protection of a small mountain and the edifices indicate us a clear Pyrenean vocation; it avoid the vertical development and are expanded without hardly planning city, between short and numerous street compliments. The modern materials have transformed sensibly the physiognomy of the place, though it has not lost its typicat characteristics. The parochial church is popular work of the XVII - XVIII centuries and it has a previous porch to the shrine between decorative motives (shield, rosettes); it appears the date of 1671.
     Saravillo is place of some 63 inhabitants to 950 m. of height that belongs to the Plan Municipality. It is located in the Valleies of the Sobrarbe, in the local highway HU-641, very about the straight border of the Cinqueta river . It is cited in 1054 (documents of Ramiro I th) and it gathered 6 fires (1 fire = 4 persons) in 1488. This locality, raises its urban hamlet in a great beauty spot,, surrounded by huge calcareous bulks that give rise to dizzy steep. The hamlet shows a construction of mountaineer type, very altered by the massive incorporation of new material. The parochial church, devoted to the Asunción de Nuestra Señora, is of popular style; possess a rectangular room, with a stocky tower of an alone body.

* Manuel Tomé Bosqued.

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