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Footpath of Great Tour (GR)

     The paths of Great Tour (GR) and of Small Tour one (PR), are a series of signaled pedestrian itineraries, that are formed by the interconnection of each, roads, paths and tracks. As long as it is possible, they try to avoiding the traffic by asphalted highways, as well as the traffic with vehicles.
     The GR are developed throughout hundred and yet of thousands of quilometres, traveling landscapes various, joining of this manner, different countries. The PR on the contrary, configure distances shorter, showing some specific environments and finishing in a population, refuge or concrete point of certain interest. With relative frequency is possible to combine GR and PR beeing able thus, to accomplish some tours that permit to depart of a population and to return to it. Some sections coincide with international paths, indicated congenially with the letter E.

 Itinerarie of the named GR-11, en Pyrenee of Huesca (Spain)

     The GR and PR paths are destined for all who likes of going and enjoying the Nature, as well as knowing the artistic wealth, cultural, historical, etc., ... While it is walked, they can be developed hobbies as the photograph, the drawing, the interest by the fauna and yet the same pleasure of traveling walking. There are indications in the path facilitate the march, beeing able to make the travel in one or other sense and with the wished duration. In some occasions there are deviations that approach us monuments or interesting places.
     It is not necessary to possess some exceptional physical conditions, neither a determinated age. Any person who likes of promenading or of the excursions, can use these tours. In the GR, each certain quilometres, it is gone through populations where they can be provisioned or be housed, what permits not to must carry a great weight during the displacement. The PR are more intended for to accomplish small rides or mean-session excursions, a session or a week-end.

* Manuel Tomé Bosqued.

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