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Bierge: Bridge of the Waters

     We will begin the excursion in the same town of Bierge, that is located in full Somontano (under Mountains), to few quilometres of Huesca for the Lérida highway. To arrive to it, we will take a deviation nothing else past Angüés town, in Abiego address, though it can be arrived by Loporzano - Aguas. Once in Bierge, by the Greater street (calle Mayor), we will arrive to the square of the town, where we will begin to walk by a crossing, near oils factory, in address to the hermitage of San Pedro.
     The road is indicated with some green signs and it results easy to follow it. Before arriving to the hermitage, we must continue with a deviation to the right side without making case of those which are to the left one; we 'll enter an almond-trees and trees zone (Las planas -The Flat-);   The Waters Bridge, before it was broken ... once past, we will route the last deviation (to the left) that will make us to descend by a footpath perfectly indicated to its straight, with the green color.
     After we will border a great field, taking address to the right, and already we will see then the confluence (`ajuntadero') of the Isuala river with the Alcanadre one; and there, we can look what remain of the bridge of The Waters. Decreasing to it, and by the other border, in a matter of minutes (about 15) well by the riverbed or for a scrubs road, it can be arrived to the other confluence of the Formiga river.
     The bridge of The Waters, is a romaniam constructionand, that was serving as communication with Casbas de Huesca town. In April of year 1994, was notified its collapse. The excursion is about one hour approximately and it has not some difficulty, resulting very agreeable. Among other things, it permits to see the transition of the landscape to the somontano, since are seen cereal and tree cultivation alternating with the oaks.

* Gathered by Manuel Tomé Bosqued.

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