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The Roldan Jump

     To arrive to this place and departing of Huesca, we will take the highway of Apiés, letting to the right the deviation of Fornillos town. We will cross the same Apiés town and before arriving to Sabayés village, when already we can see it, we will divert ourselves to the right by a track, whose indicaticors cartels indicate to us address to Santa Eulalia and Belsué damming. We will leave aside the deviation to the first to follow ahead crossing the Fountain (Galicanta) and the Corralón; of this manner we will arrive to the hill of San Miguel, where we will begin to walk by a foot path that will lead us to the North side of San Miguel Rock . There, we will find some metallic staircases to easy ascension.
     We will be able to enjoy some excellent Somontano landscapes:  Salto de Roldán  photograh Hoya de Huesca, Sotonera, and same Peña Amman (to the East). Down, we will find the Flumen river, that is boxed between rocky walls (Las Palomeras). These great walls, reach to 400 ms. of fund in vertical. Up the romanians ruins (s. XII) stay, that include a cistern and forward, Peña Amman, constituting both the Jump of Roldán whose legend will be object of other article. We can descend to the Flumen river taking a road to the left, in the levelled of the Hill of San Miguel that leads us, first to a hut and then to a back poplar forest that indicates the presence of the Springs of Lavallos. Descending some minutes more (by the ancient Orchards of Santolarieta), it is arrived to the riverbed of the Flumen river.
     The ascension to San Miguel Rock , will cost us a quarter hour approximately, while the decrease Flumen river is less than half a hour. There are excellent other landscapes in the South side of the San Miguel Rock taking the foot path of that address from the levelled, in the hill, and being approached a cornice. At all times, it is observed the tawny vultures presence that nestle in these places.

* Gathered by Manuel Tomé Bosqued.

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