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The name of Pyrenees

     A grandson of Noé, call Túbal, arrived to Spain after the Deluge, being the first inhabitant of this peninsula. He established some cities (between them Zaragoza, over there by 2303 of the Creation), and became the king of Iberia.
     Túbal had a beautiful daughter, call Pirene that was endowed of all the graces of the femaleness. This reputation of beautiful, arrived to the ears of Gerión, a monstrous and gigantic shepherd with three heads, who did not think about something else that to make her his wife. Pirene, absolutely not acceded and refused to that pretension, therefore Gerión,  Pyrenees hill  enraged, attempted to obtain her by the force fighting with Túbal, to who defeated.
     The damsel fled to the North and was concealed in some caves of the low and rough mountain, in the proximities of the Mediterranean Sea. Gerión, nevertheless, although he found her track did not achieve to find her between the infinite nooks of the mountain. Despaired he decides to ignite it, so that there should end the days of the princess: "or mine or for none", could think the monster.
     Hercules, that was returning of Italy crossing Iberia, observed the smoke that already were extended all over the mountainous zone. To be approached to the stage of the fire, he listened the aid voices of the aghast Pirene; but it was too late already. When he could recapture her, the princess was already agonizing, though she had yet time of counting to him her history.
     Thus since, the sensitive Hercules, piously buried her at that place and like a homage to her value and beauty, prepared to her the most monumental mausoleum, catching with his powerful hands the rocks of the ignited mountain and put them some on other, until forming that haughty and beautiful mountain chain, that in her remember is called since then Pirineos (Pyrenees).
     It is a beautiful history, but nothing sure. The ancient count it of thousand ways, and they do not let always so well to Hercules, though in what they coincide is in both protagonists.

* Gathered by Manuel Tomé Bosqued.

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