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The Holy Week in Huesca (Spain)

     The religious Holiday by excellence is on Thursday Holy, by the institution of the Eucharist, during the Holy Dinner. Of other part, the Friday represents the Pain by the crucifixion. While the Saturday supposes the Glory by the Resurrection; and on Sunday the Easter.
     By a general manner, the devotions are centered in the MONUMENTS, with the exposition of Transubstantiated Jesus, being visited a ritual number of times (customarily seven).  Romanesque Christ of  Asín de Broto (Huesca) Are covered the altarpieces and images with purple clothes; they was substituted the bell touches by the carracks or `matracas'; they was imposed silence rites, being eliminated the festive and pagan demonstrations; to the time that was lavished practices of the fasting and the abstinence.
     From century XVII, the typical PROCESSIONS, will be converted into spectacular demonstrations with realistic images of each one of the moments of the Passion, evoked in the calls "pasos".
     The mendicants orders and "terceras" (third) will be inaugurated toward the year 1600 and to the penitents that parade with hoods, will be named "terceroles" (the third). In principle, these processions was accomplished in the interior of the churches; afterwards they will be made public by the streets. They are derived from the adaptations for the scene from "Vía Crucis" (Cross Way), to those which are joined the drums (typical are those of: "The Encounter", and "Holy Burial").
     Huesca was celebrating "misereres" (are documented in the century XVI) with a procession "of mallets" in which the childs were making noise breaking large boxes, "to kill these bad Judeans".
    The typical olive tree branches was blest on "Domingo de Ramos" (Branches Sunday) - first Sunday of the Holy Week -; the palms will be used from final of the century XIX. It was usage in this festive to inaugurate something (clothes generally) and were said: "On Sunday of Branches, who not inaugurate, it does not has hands".

* Gathered by Manuel Tomé Bosqued.

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