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Aguas and the "jota" * (typical spanish song)

     In the vicinities of the Sierra of Guara and next to the Calcón river, is the municipality of Aguas. It is the small homeland of the singer of Jotas (typical spanish dance) Carmelo Betoré, who with the folkloric group ·Nobleza Baturra· popularized the Aguas jota (a variant of the jota of Huesca), inside of and outside of Spain. Carmelo liked of singing its first ballads when he went to the field to work, and even to be accompanied of them in its agricultural works.
     In this town, there has always been great liking to the jota,  Landscape of Aguas although singing it and dancing it to his way. It was May of 1984, 20 when Aguas dressed of elegance to pay a homage to Carmelo Betoré Bergua; the street where he was born (until then call Low Street), passes to take his name: Street of Carmelo Betoré ·Jotero·jota singer). Rafael Ayerbe Santolaria presided over the act that was promoted by the Association of Friends of the Upper-Aragonese Folklore, being added to this act, people's multitude and good representation of centers and regional houses. When the badge was discovered, ·Nobleza Baturra· intoned a jota that moved Carmelo: "· This street that it was Low / it is already the street of Carmelo, / a place to stop and inn, / of the jota and the joteros" (jota singers). At the end of the street, in a wide part, a stage was located to take place an extraordinary jota party with big interpreters' participation. This way, Aguas, includes its name among the towns that take root strongly with the jota that, to the shade of Guara it sounds in a special way.

* Jota: a typical song and dance of many towns of Spain. Still more in Aragón (Norh of Spain, near Pyrenees).

* History of the Aragonese Jot, of Alfonso Zapater.

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