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Tena Valley (Spain)

     The tourist Valley of Tena is located in the district of the High Gállego whose constitution has been recently approved by the Aragonese parliament. It embraces so the Valley of Tena, as Lake of Lanuza, Sallent and Foratata Pick Serrablo and Earth of Biescas, with Sabiñánigo as main economic and industrial motor, without forgetting the importance of the tourism.
    The diversity of its landscapes contributes a great opportunity for the promotion of a tourism every day more growing . The area is favored by the conditions of the land that provides an incomparable mark for the development of sport activities of all type, among those that highlights the practice of the ski. In the valley of the Tena, also, you can consent to a series of picks of great attractiveness for the mountaineers: Picks of the Hell (Pico del Infierno), Black Garmo (Garmo Negro), Argualas or Balaitus.
    They are prominent the points of megalithic interest of the valley of the Tena: Santa Elena's dolmen, the Mozarabic churches of the XI century, between Sabiñánigo and Biescas or the beauty of towns like Búbal.
    The Baths of Panticosa (Balneario de Panticosa) whose healthy waters are offered from 1846, is a place of rest that possesses five springs of nitrogenized , oligometallics and sulfurous waters whose natural properties convert it in one of the main spas of Europe. In the valley of the same name they are also plentiful the lakes of high mountain, denominated ibones, among those that are the Blue Lakes (Lagos Azules), that of Ip, Estanés and Acherito.

* Gathered of diverse sources for M. Tomé

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