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The Mascun Gorge (Rodellar)

     We will find a little difficult to cross Rodellar town until the neighborhood of Honguera, where we will find the footpath, with floor of stone, that smoothly will make us ascend to offer a panoramic of the ravine, with the town to our back and (Peña Cuervo) Crow Rock to the left. The path begins to descend winding, being made quicker the approach to the river that it waits for us below. We will cross it, passing to its right bank and this way to be able to arrive at once to the "Surgencia" (the water spring), where we will see flow the river from the hollows of a rocky wall, next to the Ventanales (The Windows). These, are some whims of the nature that it has made in the high of the walls with the erosion, windows with images that liken very curious forms; such it is the case of the dolphin.
     Before continuing the road, it is wise to be provisioned of water, since from now the river could be dry. Continuing and leaving to our left the way to Andrebot, we will arrive to an open space: La Ciudadela (The Citadel), with the typical and defiant Needle or Cuca of Bellosta. A little before, to the left, it is the way to La Costera that will take us to Otín town through Torre of Santiago and Collado del Quejigar. We could also arrive for the bed of the river drawing badinas (some very little lakes in the dry course of the river) and seeing capricious forms as `La Pipa o Zapato' (The Pipe or Shoe), el Caos o Fuente del Onso (the Chaos or Source of the Bear) and `el Beso' (the Kiss) (a natural bridge of rock). Later and to the left, we will take the way to Turmo that offers us besides some beautiful views, a slope something marked that once overcome, it takes us to Otín.
    The access to the way to Turmo, is no longer so feasible in Winter (from the 'Zapato' -shoe- to up, there is water) for what this route is only advisable in Summer. This town is abandoned, but there is a Bar, where we will be able to eat. Also provides in the outskirts, of a source, of which a path leads to the 'Saltador de Lañas' (Jumper of Lañas) that in the months of Winter, in those that there is more water, it offers some splendid jumps. From Rodellar to Otín (for La Costera) we will invest something more than 2 hours. For the way to Turmo,  Into Mascun Gorge it will last about two and a half hours.
    Another trip that can be made, is Nasarre town. We will leave of Rodellar; for the same route, toward the Surgencia and then we will take the way to the left hand(Andrebot) that has a strong slope, until finding the la Cueva (the Cavern) of the same name (to the right); it is a cavity of about 30 mts. of width for 70 ones of length to the that we can arrive for a strong incline. Leaving this behind, we arrive to the fields of Seral, crossroad of roads, in which should take that of the right; crossing throats (it is a bad trail) we arrive to Losa Mora -Moorish Flagstone- (dolmen to the right of the road) and soon after again another crossing on the way and path: we take that of the right, to arrive to the Pardina de Villanúa, in the road Nasarre-Otín that is a great big-house (there is a well with water in the kitchen). Here we will follow the footpath for the left once sighted the source (alone in the area), 'till arrive to Nasarre. The invested time, from Rodellar to Nasarre for the Pardina, it is about two and a half hours. It proceeds to make provision of water, because the road has already been said that it is not comfortable and there is only water in the Source of Nasarre (it's arrived by a stone stairway).
     A short but interesting trip is that of Cheto. For it we will come out from Rodellar, taking a path that there is in the vicinity of the Bar of Florentine. Without hardly effort and for a road among stone walls, we will be in a quarter hour in the neighborhood of Cheto. If we continue ahead, and will take the deviation of the left until finding the main road that brings near us to the Ermita de la Virgen del Castillo (Hermitage of the Virgin of the Castle) and that we will continue for the right crossing the ravine of Fornocal (oven of lime) to already see soon the hermitage and the stupendous views of the Ventanales. There is a source very cared (Source of Fonciachas) to about 10 minutes of here. Past the Virgin's Ravine, we will follow hillside up to the hermitage that is not more than a wall with an arch of half point. The total of the trip (Cheto + Hermitage), is less than a hour.

* From * "Guara, rutas, descensos, naturaleza". David Gómez Samitier
** Gathered of diverse sources for M. Tomé

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