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Alquézar (Huesca-Spain-)

     This town that is judicial administtrative area of Barbastro, is in the District of the Pre-Pyrenees Outer Mountain Chain. It has an extension of 32,2 km2., a height of 631 mt. and they occupy it approximately hundred and half of habitual inhabitants. Population is it is located next to the Vero river .
      Once lasted Angüés we will descend to the valley of the Alcanadre river, recovering the other bank; and after 18 km. of curved, crossing Abiego and Adahuesca (leaving to the right Colungo, Buesa and Huerta and to the left Radiquero), we will almost arrive to this medieval haven on the last canyon of the mentioned Vero river.
      Up, in the highest part in the town, it highlights the Collegiate Church superbly (old Arab strength: Al-Kars = alcázar = fortress)  High Square. Fotograph by Julio Soler Santaló. Between 1902 - 1913 while below it settles the village in form of half moon, together with some abysses of more than 200 m.
     Of the town, it is necessary to mention San Miguel's Church, then the picturesque and paved streets, the eaves and balconies, old doors, shields sculpted in stone, the entrance arch with the shield of Alquézar, the omnipresent Pedro Arnal Cavero, passageways, square of arcades that was 'zoco' (souk),.... with an unavoidable flavor to Medieval.
     Mount up you arrives to Santa María's Colegiata already , the one that was fortification for Sancho Ramírez, and romanesque church XI century (1.030) and Muslim strength up to 1098. Restored in the XIV century, it has a bigger altar embossed in silver and an altarpiece that it shows The Seven María's happiness, the apostles and The Passion.
      It calls the attention a romanesque Christ with articulate arms, only in the world, together with that of the Cathedral of Colony. The factory of this strength, is Gothic in access door and prisons where by the way, the sacred Numilo and Alodia were confined.
      The annual festivals are for the Asunción, San Fabián, San Sebastián and San Nicostrato.

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