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Ramón Prior Canales

The architecture of Huesca,

      Ramón Prior Canales, knows to grasp with excellent flavor the architecture of Upper Aragon. Before publishing books on this matter, already he had done some exposition of drawings and of watercolors as amateur. To have been during thirty years in the service of restoration of monuments of the Provincial Delegation of Girona as draftsman, permitted him to realize that was not a great deal the popular fondness that existed at the moment to value this enormous monumental treasure and of popular architecture (many times without classifying ), that there is in our regions. That drives him to try to divulge it in a way accessible: through his drawings.
      A success, without doubt, therefore that work has permitted to cause to arrive al studious and fonds of the art and culture of the Upper Aragon, a tremendously valuable material. This contribute results of an incalculable value and merit.
      Ramón has published already eleven books (with some personal comment) on some regions and its rural environment. After doing the first book, on the city of Girona, there are: EL PLA DE L’ESTANY (Bañolas), EL ALTO URGEL, la LLÉMENA (a river of Girona ... ); and already interspersed, the series of the Upper Aragon. To know: PAÍS DE ISABENA. -this to his charge -; EL ALTO ÉSERA, LA FUEVA DIBUJADA. EL SOMONTANO DE BARBASTRO (two volumes), LA RIBAGORZA ORIENTAL, BARDAIXIN (Campo town and environment, in the valley of the Ésera river) with the sponsorship of the program LIDER, through its office in Campo Village (CEDESOR)

      When Ramón Prior Canales, began with his books, (some twenty-five years ago ), the Upper Aragon was being depopulated to quickly, although even enough towns remained intact. Further on, appeared the pillage and the consequent deterioration to the abandonment; because of it , are now many the towns that are almost irreconocibles, in an absolute and almost irreversible ruin.

  Ramón Prior Canales

      Nevertheless, on the contrary, a timid current of slow recovery is being produced recently, by the return of those that left these towns, or their children, to the purchase and restoration of buildings, (on the part of the outsiders); although alone be to enjoy the season of holidays. Nevertheless, the original character of our towns, of its popular architecture , unfortunately, is going diluted.


* Manuel Tomé. Diverse sources

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