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It watches over from its hillock
highway in UnderMountains

      A place of the province of Huesca, belonging to the municipality of Angüés. It has approximately 59 inhabiytants registered in 1999. The altitude is 519 meters on the sea level. It is distant from Huesca scarcely 19 kilometers. They are named velillenses..
     On top of the mount the chapel of San Bartolomé rises, dominating the scenery; below, in the skirt, already looking for the flatness, there has a short rest the urban nucleus of Velillas, grouped around its parochial church.
      The place name changed spelling according to the epochs: between 1495 and 1609 it was Belillas; in 1646, Velillas; from 1713 until 1797 it turned out to be again written with b, y from 1957 written Velillas has already appeared.
      The place is located between Siétamo and Angüés, to the left of the highway that goes from Huesca to Barbastro, and allows to see its urban nucleus on the foot of the mount that crowns the chapel. The houses respond to the popular architecture of the area and many of them are of adobe: others, of stone, and less, of brick. Someone show its whitewashed fronts.
      Velillas was path to Huesca, until 1834, that it formed Town hall. Later, in 1960-1970, it joined Angüés, although supports a census of 59 inhabitants. In the XVth century it was assembling 16 requests, and in 1797 it registered 30 neighbors. In the middle of the XIXth century it had 30 houses and 185 inhabitants. It came at the beginning of the XXth century with half a thousand of inhabitants. Its emigration process has continued, in certain way, the same indexes registered in similar populations.
      Velillas has a castle, of which some remains stay in the top of the mount that rises on the urban nucleus. So much it is like that, that on May 3, 1093 Sancho Ramírez king of Aragon gave to the monastery of San Ponce de Tomeras the Velillas castle. This donation was ratified by Pedro I on May 8, 1097. In the XVIIth century (1665), the place belonged to the University of Huesca.

     The parochial church is dedicated to St Martin bishop and is a work of the XVIIth century (renaissance), of a ship of four phases, covered by fanlights vault. It presents chapels in the buttress. In the XIXth century it was already provided with five altars. The tower rises to the feet, of square plan.
     The chapel of San Bartolomé, on top of the mount, consists also of a ship of four phases, separated by pointed arches; it is a construction of the same epoch as the parochial church. Another chapel dedicated to Santa Bárbara exists -Madoz also mentions that of San Ponz- of a ship with an only phase, which was supported in ruins.
     Velillas celebrates its patron saint holidays in honor to San Bartolomé, on August 24. Earlier it honors also San Isidro, on May 15.

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      The place does not stay foreign to the tourist and residential promotion, so that according to the times today, although timidly, it shows any single-family modern construction. It has City Council and soccer field, in addition to its typical church.
      From the National 240, already tempts to us the visit that scarcely will take a few minutes to us


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