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    Arguis ( Town and/or Dams )

[ January 2003 ]
near Monrepós Mountain

      It belongs to the Region of the Hole of Huesca, has 62.5 km2 of surface and it goes up to around the half hundred of inhabitants. Its altitude: of 1,044 mts. and 22 dista kms. to Huesca. The arguisanos (thus it is the name from born there) practice the culture of dry land and the grapevine and live on the dam of the Isuela river.
      This dam is between two Mountain ranges: the one of Gratal and the one of the Eagle. Although once in Árguis we will find opposite the Mountain ranges of Javierre, San Salvador and Belarre with the port of Monrepós in the vertex, to 1262 mts. of height.
      The primitive prey of the dam, dates from century XVIII, reason why it becomes to this water storage, in one of oldest of Aragón, adjusting to the project of D. Francisco de Artiga; their works were concluded in 1704.
      However, in 1929, it was necessary to increase the dam; work that developed to D. Brown Lorenzo; and it is that the marsh was on the verge of blinding. The prey, that measured 22 meters of height by 12.90 of thickness rose more in 5 mts.. The dam occupies 18 hectares, has a capacity of 3 Hm3. and it waters 2,500 Has. of the Hole of Huesca. In the borders of the same one, next to which already it is the old highway, constructions have proliferated, with predominance of villas.

     Already in the town, it is possible to emphasize the building of the Church, that guesses romanesque, in spite of to have undergone reforms in century XVII; it is dedicated to San Miguel. This parish had a valuable altarpiece that is exposed in the Prado, whose invoice is attributed to the teacher of Árguis (century XV).
 Frozen Arguis marsh
      Arguis and its dam, exert special an attractiveness for the citizens of Huesca. Its proximity to the capital and the altitude of the place, supposes a lightening to the heat of the months of Summer. For that reason, it is frequented in the afternoons of the summer by familiar groups, enjoying an opportune relax. The Festive days, also make formal appearance many hikers, because the surroundings of Arguis, offers places of all type, apt for any sport activity.


** Compiled from diverse sources, by M. Tomé

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