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Cillas Chapel

Our Mrs. of Cillas Chapel,
Highway of Huesca to Pamplona

      Documented in the 12th century, the parochial chapel of the no longer existing hamlet of Ciellas, four kilometres away from the city centre, later became a place of supplication to the Virgin Mary and the origins of an old brotherhood which dates back to the 13th century.
      The entrance to the building is located behind tile brotherhood's outbuildings which form its visual front, on a linear design on two floors and preceded by a simple covered portico, made up of two trabeated openings.
     The chapel is constructed in ashlar masonry and stretches of terre pisť, on a moderate Baroque model, and is designed on a Greek cross plan with chapels in the corners, a high choir at the West-end and a straight chancel.

      The interior vertices of the cross present a system of pilasters crowned by Corinthian capitals upon which the moulded cornice develops. Circling the perimeter of the start of the vaulting. Its structure is composed of round arches defining groined vaults in the nave, radial cells in the transepts and sail vaulting in the crossing.

  Portada de la Ermita

      The chancel is covered by a polygonal vault and the corner chapels by cross vaulting. The entrance is at the West end and traces a straight and curved-line arch with plaster decorations in the style of a retable before the interior space.


* Manuel Tomé. Sources diverses.

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