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Tierz town

Geographical and referencial
center point of the city

     Place of the county of Huesca, located in the vicinities of the Flumen river. Its altitude is of 467 meters on the sea level. It's from Huesca hardly 6 kilometers. They are named tierzanos.
      The neighbors of Tierz discovered, already some time ago, that their properties could be more profitable if they exploited them in community; hence they decided to take an experience ahead. If somebody had to go to Huesca to work, another that was here made his work. This model of organization gave some highly positive results. In time of grape harvest, while they pressed the grape in full street, with the neighborhood's collaboration they applied the experiment.
     Tierz is scarce six kilometers from Huesca on whose municipality depends at the present time. The access to the town starts up of the same highway to Barbastro and Lérida, in a deviation to the right in front of Quicena. It is necessary to cross the bridge on the Flumen river to arrive to the old urban area that settles in the plain, closed of fertile cultivation lands. The layout of the streets, however, is as capricious as irregular. The buildings offer sensibly reformed..
   The parochial church is dedicated to Our Mrs. of the Assumption and it is a work of the XVII century. It consists of a ship of three covered tracts for terceletes (in a vault of edges, each one of the intermediate nerves.) and chapels in the lateral sides. The tower is of two bodies and ascends of square floor, wide plant and of scarce height, with a little cover to four slopes. There is also a hermitage dedicated to Dolores's Virgin, with ship of three tracts, covered with lunetos (curved part of the stern in form of half moon).
     The second day of the party in honor of the Virgin's Assumption and San Roque they go to Santa Cruz's hermitage. There is another party, the small one, April 23, with pilgrimage to the hermitage of Salas. And some more of votive character, as those dedicated to Santa Waldesca and San Gregorio.
      The toponym Tierz has a Roman origin, and it comes from "tertium milliarium", according to some historians, trying to mean that about three thousand distance steps exist to Tierz, from a certain place (with a lot of probability, Roman Osca) .

      Regarding the history of the place, proven it is the dependence of the neighboring monastery of Montearagón, because it already consists a first donation of Sancho Ramírez in 1093. The 16 of August of 1097, Pedro I of Aragon gave to the Santa Cruz de la Serós's monastery the houses that his aunt Sancha had in Tierz.
      October of 1134, Ramiro II of Aragon gave the place, with all their terms, to the monastery of Montearagón. Centuries later, the 18 of August of 1391, Juan I formalized the sale of the place with the mentioned monastery.
      Walking the time, the abbot of Montearagón was giving houses and lands to the neighbors of Tierz, until the total transfer took place in 1544, decreed then by the abbot, don Juan de Urrea.
      It is perseverance, also, that in Tierz a residence of canons of the neighboring monastery existed, which were founded in the parochial church the brotherhood of Minerva, with function every month, the same as that of the Corpus.
      The place has maintained until few years ago, a similar census of inhabitants to that of the last XIX century (something more than 250 inhabitants). In the XV century it had 11 fires, 2 Christian and 9 Muslims. Madoz, in 1845, pointed out 50 houses, 40 neighbors and 247 inhabitants.

      But Tierz is announced prosperous and promising in its urban growth. New and young families occupy the modern area, of embedded one-family housings that don't stop of being built, among the bridge of the Flumen river and the old urban area of the town.


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* "Aragon town to town", by Alfonso Zapater

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